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Sensor TechnologY

The intelligent skin sensor has been used millions of times all over the world since the introduction of the SUN ANGEL. Further development of this photometric precision instrument has enabled distinctly improved performance and accuracy. The ergonomic shape and reduced pressure against the skin needed make the sensor even easier to use. In addition, cleaning the new sensor has been made easier through extensive testing in heavy-duty, routine salon applications. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, the sensor is self-calibrating. That means salon staff no longer need to calibrate the sensor! Extensive studies conducted by an independent skin physiological institute have proven its high measurement accuracy.

Two measurements on the skin are all that‘s needed – the first is taken on the forehead and the second on the lightest skin being tanned. The SUN ANGEL then uses these results to calculate a specific and personal tanning session that emits the correct dose of UV light necessary for your customers to get a great tan all while virtually eliminating the possibility of a sunburn. If the sensor is not used, then the SUN ANGEL emits only the minimum dose for an initial tanning session.
Taking the measurement is now even easier: The sunbed‘s Voice Guide, along with visual feedback from different colors on the sensor, provides a better understanding of each measurement step.