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Sun Angel Duo 1400 Tutorials

SunAngel Duo 1400

The SUNANGEL 1400 truly is one of a kind. No other tanning bed delivers results, luxury, and peace of mind like the SUNANGEL does.  The high-end technology on the inside is only matched by the stunning design and animated illumination on the outside. Invite your tanners to a positively special tanning experience! Watch the sun rise in your salon with the addition of the SUNANGEL. The LED Light Show creates beautiful light animations in sunny colors, highlighting the dramatic lines of the bed.

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  • Skin Sensor

    The key to the SUNANGEL's tanning technology is the proprietary skin sensor. It is used to calculate a personalized session that gives each customer an individual and customized dose of UV light. The SUNANGEL sensor measures your skin’s current UV light sensitivity in only seconds, virtually eliminating the risk of overexposure.

    The new SUNANGEL generation features an easier-to use sensor with even higher accuracy, and maybe best of all, it is self-calibrating!

    • Ease of Operation
    • Sensor Accuracy
    • Color-Coded Feedback
    • Self-Calibrating

  • Duo Select

    The new SUNANGEL DUO gives your customers a choice. Thanks to two selectable programs, tanners can choose between Essential Sunshine, which emits a spectrum conducive to Vitamin D synthesis, or they can select Styling Sunshine for a perfectly customized tan! Both programs are controlled by the Sun Angel skin sensor.


    • Tan exclusively with Type B UV lamps
    • UV spectrum conducive to Vitamin D3 synthesis*
    • Build-up of indirect pigmentation


    • Unique UV spectrum produces a deep, long-lasting and beautiful tan unlike any conventional sunbed
    • Immediately visible direct pigmentation thanks to UV-A
    • Builds a long-lasting base tan
    • With repeated sessions, the UV dose will be increased based on the skin sensor reading.

    *Notice: You do not need to become tan for your skin to make Vitamin D. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation may increase the likelihood of developing skin cancer and can cause serious eye injury.

  • UV-Technology

    The SUNANGEL delivers outstanding tanning results while virtually eliminating the risk of a sunburn. It is the ideal solution for most tanners, as it adjusts its performance to each skin type and gives each tanner just the right amount of UV.


    Maximum Exposure time; 12 or 15 minutes

    Individual Performance:


    TYPE A: 38 x 200W*

    TYPE B: 14 x 200W*

    Face: 4 x 520W* 3 x 8W

    *Max. output

  • Design
    • Device Color: Heavenly White
    • LED Light Show with over 1.400 High Performance LED´s
    • Choose from a beautiful selection of sunny colors and light animations for the LED Light Show
    • LED Interior Light: brightly illuminated Interior
  • Comfort

    THE SUNANGEL DUO 1400 will always come packed with the most luxurious comfort features available in the industry today. Check out the following highlights:

    • AROMA
    • 3D SOUND
    • NFC Connect / Personal Comfort

  • Operation

    The SUNANGEL DUO comes equipped with features that make all aspects of tanning a breeze for both tanners and salon operators.

    • SENSOR