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The desire for an attractive tan is as strong as ever. And tanners are getting more and more discerning. Therefore, providing the right service to your customers is critical for any salon.

Ergoline, the world-wide market leader in professional tanning units, has developed a sunbed that delivers an excellent tan while virtually eliminating the risk of overexposure. The SUN ANGEL is a truly innovative tanning bed with a variable UV spectrum and skin sensor-controlled tanning.

The new SUN ANGEL DUO gives your customers a choice. Thanks to two selectable programs, they can choose between Essential Sunshine with a program that emits a spectrum conducive to Vitamin D synthesis, or they can select Styling Sunshine for a perfectly customized tan! With the SUN ANGEL DUO you can, with confidence, offer your customers the best of both worlds combined in one amazing tanning unit.

The easiest way to learn about our newest beds & features: The Sun Angel Video Tutorials!
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